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Online + On-Site Food Safety Certificate NZ: Expert-Led Coaching


This training is identical to our Basic food Safety and Hygiene Training Certificate, just known by a different name. It is presented Online [Expert-Led LIVE Training] + On-Site [available at locations across New Zealand from Alert Level 2 onwards].

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The Food Safety Certificate NZ Training is exactly the same as our Basic Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate Training (just known by a different name) is for people around New Zealand (NZ) looking to start or working in food businesses who require training under the Food Act 2014 as well as Food Regulations 2015 requirements.


Food Safe Ltd is a registered PTE with NZQA and our training helps you comply with regulatory MPI and local Food Safety Bylaws.

Food Safe Trainers work with New Zealand's best known brands and are expertly qualified Lead Auditors in ISO 22000 with extensive HACCP NZ experience where high-compliance food manufacture is a must for market access and export certification. We explain what well-known kiwi and global food companies that we work with, do when it comes to a food safety and hygiene certificate. 

We have a proven track record of delivering customised training throughout New Zealand from Moerewa in Northland to Gore in Southland and across New Zealand from the rugged West Coast to Waiheke Island.


Companies We've Worked With 

We have collaborated and delivered training at a number of performance-fuelled organizations and global brands, some of which are outlined below. 

Food Safe food safety training clients

Some regulatory bodies do not accept free food safety training or from companies who are not registered with NZQA so Food Safe provides this Food Safety Certificate NZ as a quality service. We deliver Expert-Led LIVE Training via our Online Classrooms as well as at a number of training locations across New Zealand listed below:

  • Christchurch - If you are searching for a food safety certificate Christchurch this is for you!
  • Whangarei - For trainees from Kaitaia to Bay of Islands
  • Hamilton - For trainees from Tauranga and Waikato
  • Auckland  

We have designed this food safety certificate nz training for kiwis looking to learn with and off each other in a friendly classroom-style environment, whether it is in our online classrooms or on-site classroom sessions

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Food Safety Certificate NZ

Course Content:

  1. Answers to your questions such as: Do I need a food safety certificate? What is required by law and what is best practice? Does the Food Act 2014 allow me to cook food from home for sale?
  2. We explain why hygiene matters when it comes to food and how you can check this is effective with an ultraviolet light test of trainees.
  3. We explain what a food allergy is and how this is different from a food intolerance so you can best serve your customers needs.
  4. We explain the key allergens under the NZ Food Standards Code 2002 and practically apply our learning to a menu item, including the legality of making an allergen-free claim on your food label or menu.
  5. We explain how you can control cross-contamination from allergens and other food hazards with practical solutions.
  6. We explain what the HACCP NZ and Codex Alimentarius critical control point temperatures are for both hot and cold perishable food and how to document all your temperature checks.
  7. You will learn about food safety hazards such as foreign matter, chemicals and microbiology that cause foodborne illness and which spoil food.
  8. We show you in pictures, common examples of food safety risks from actual audits to learn from.
  9. You will learn about pest control, why this matters and how to document your checks.
  10. We teach you about a verifier audit or council inspections and how to prepare so you can score well in a verification check at in a food business or your home kitchen.
  11. We explain the Food Standards Code 2002, Food Act 2014, Food Regulations 2015 in simple language you can understand and how the law applies to you.
  12. You will learn about Food Control Plans (FCP) and why they are important.
  13. Corrective Action (CA) + Preventative Action (prevention of recurrence)
  14. You will learn about Operator Verification (Who checks what? Why you check, How you check food safety and when?) Including records which the Ministry for Primary Industry - MPI insists on!
  15. You get to see examples of what food safety records look like, filled out by MPI - Food Control Plan Diary
  16. We explain how you can achieve a A Grade at your local council visit and how you can pre-check the list of things the inspectors look for, yourself on your mobile! Yes, we provide you with useful self-help tools!


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All basic courses are language-assisted with course notes and slides in Mandarin 普通话, Hindi हिंदी, Japanese 日本人, Korean 한국의, Thai ภาษาไทย and Vietnamese Việt.

We also deliver this specific training programme on request for groups as few as 4 people at your site across New Zealand.

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Cost: $195 incl gst per person

Payment by Internet Banking only

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Food Safe Limited has been granted approval by NZQA under Section 251 of the Education Act 1989 to provide Food Safety Training and is a CATEGORY 1 training provider.


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